Private Training

One-on-one is  a specialty service where you can learn straight from the pros!! We put you in touch with Our licensed and professional fighters who you can learn from. Availability depends on who offers. List of fighters names with their contact number and what they teach are available on white board at front desk.  All have their own times and prices so the gym would not know that information. MMA can only be taught by licensed Pros at Warriorcamp so If they are not named on front white board  or as one of our featured fighters  or from the list below then you are paying someone who is ill equipped to teach and should contact Rose. The only exception Is with Muay Thai  as that's a different setup and you should contact Cj to set that up. As far as BJJ, only purple belts and above  can teach BJJ and Brown Belts and above can give private lessons. 

First Lesson prices below. Pay for session then text 208-750-8580 for coaches contact to schedule. 

Pablo Alfonso- MMA beginner to Pro and BJJ beginners to Pro- CLICK HERE

Said Yokub- MMA beginners to Pro and Wrestling all levels- CLICK HERE

Joel Thomas- MMA beginner to Pro and BJJ beginner to Pro- CLICK HERE

CJ Phillips- Muay Thai beginner to Pro- CLICK HERE