Open Status:  Open, non members schedule at mindbody please click here or call 208-750-8580

Monday and Wednesday

6 am Jiu Jitsu "Chokes and Coffee"

2 pm Boxing

3 pm Boxing

4 pm Youth Boxing 

4 pm Kickboxing Fundamentals with Jesse

5 pm Youth BJJ (Warrior Kids)

5 pm Boxing

6 pm LIVE WRESTLING- 10 rounds - NEW! (Monday only's)

6 pm Boxing

6 pm  Jiu Jitsu with "The Sasquatch"

7 pm  Jiu Jitsu Live Rolling

7 pm Muay Thai Conditioning with Ramil

7pm Muay Thai Conditioning PRO with Cj INVITE only

8 pm  Jiu Jitsu with John

Tuesday and ThursdayLess

6 am Jiu Jitsu 

2 pm Boxing

3 pm Boxing

4 pm Boxing

5 pm Boxing

5 pm Youth Muay Thai (Warrior Kids)  

5 pm  Jiu Jitsu with Pablo Alfonso

6 pm Jiu Jitsu Live Rolling

6 pm MMA Beginners with Jesse

6 pm  Boxing with Danny

7 pm pro mma invite only with Pablo Alfonso 

8 pm Sparring (Invite Only) with Pablo Alfonso


10:15 am Yoga $5 with Gillian- register with Mindbody

2 pm Boxing

3 pm Boxing

4 pm Boxing

5 pm Boxing

6 pm Boxing

7-8 pm Open Gym

7 pm 10 Round Live Sparring Open to all gyms, experienced only


1 pm Muay Thai (invite only)

2 pm Boxing Sparring (invite only)

2 pm Boxing open gym members only 

 4-6 pm Open Gym for members 


4-6 pm Open Mats BJJ Open Gym- Members Only