Jayce Fund
A fund created in the memory of  Jayce

  Funds collected  will be used for opportunities to train and/or travel  to  tournaments and competitions. Jayce is an inspiration for us to keep heading forward to continue his journey through us.  We will remember that anything is possible when we come together and support eachother.  All money raised and used will be posted to this page. We thank everyone who has invested money and/or time into these athletes. 


Membership for one youth 07/20/2022
Mom is struggling to pay and youth is at risk. The state wont allow anyone to work towards membership so we are looking for money towards membership. His discounted outreach membership is $75 a month. He was referred to us by a state at risk program. We can make a difference. Please contact me as this can work great as a small business sponsorship. 208-750-8580

Lets get Mikey to regionals and beyond! 12/22/21- 
Goal  met!
Special Thanks to all below:
Photographer Katie Hartwig - Bud Wendling - Tiger Cabaluna - Kellie Crisp - Michael Howe - Michael Chmiel- Roger Coston - Jenna Mcdonald - Christa McCormick

PRK Surgery for one of our Pro fighters
This surgery is considered elective so insurance wont cover it, however this athlete is considered legally blind and this procedure has a 95% success rate on restoring perfect vision. This athlete is 24 years.