Monday and Wednesday

6 am      Jiu Jitsu "Chokes and Coffee"

11 am      Jiu Jitsu

12-5 pm Open Gym

4 pm      Kickboxing MMA with Jesse

5 pm      Wrestling Adult with Daniel Swain 

5 pm      Youth Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with BJJ  Blackbelt Jesse and Mikey

6 pm       Adult Jiu Jitsu with "The Sasquatch"

7 pm       Live Rolling 

7 pm      Kickboxing with Evian (Monday Only for the 7pm time)

8 pm      Muay Thai Conditioning  with Ramil (New)

Tuesday and Thursday

6 am       Jiu Jitsu

11 am      Jiu Jitsu

12-5 pm Open Gym

5 pm      Youth MMA (Warrior Kids) with Pro MMA Fighter Daniel Swain (New)

5 pm      Adult Jiu Jitsu with Pablo Alfonso

6 pm      Live Rolling

6 pm      MMA Beginners with Evian

7 pm      MMA class / Sparring (Invite Only) with Pablo Alfonso


6 pm       CJJ "Combat Jiu JItsu" with John 

7 pm        Live Rolling 

7 pm       MMA Sparring Pro and Ammy with Pablo (New)


10 Am    Strength and Conditioning with Vincent ($10 Drop-in fee for non members) cash only

 3-5 pm   Open Gym for members 


1-5 pm    Open Mats BJJ (All schools welcomed 3-4) Open Gym- Members Only

Warrior Camp

5027 E Trent Ave,

Spokane, WA 99212

Phone. 754-444-2243