About the Gauntlet Submission Challenge:

Our goal is to provide you the competitor with a safe, fun venue to compete is sport open style submission grappling. Rules are very similar to Sub league, but are not the same. Some rules and styles show similarity to the Gracie Nationals/Worlds style format, but are not the same.

Matches take place on a mat ring. Matches start from standing. Competitors who move onto or outside the ring border when standing can (at the discretion of the referee) be restarted standing in the center of the mat. If competitors move outside the ring while engaged on the ground the action may be frozen and moved back to the center of the mat, in position. The referee has discretion. Deliberately or repeatedly moving outside the area will be considered as stalling and penalized accordingly.

Save Time at Check In

Upon check-in, all competitors will need to agree to and sign the participant release form. All participants under 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian complete and sign the release form.

Competitors will face every competitor in his/her pool. There are NO points awarded within a match. Points are only awarded based on the outcome of a match: 3 points for a WIN, 1 point for a DRAW and 0 points for a LOSS. At the end of the competition the athlete with the highest points wins!

Registration – Athletes

All competitors MUST register for the correct ability level and weight categories. At weigh-ins competitors will be given one chance to make the weight. It is the competitors’ responsibility to show up within their declared weight class.

What to wear:

· We highly recommend that all competitors wear protective mouth guards.

· Wrestling shoes, and metal knee braces are not allowed.

No-Gi Attire: Lower body – board shorts, fight shorts, singlet, or gi pants are required. Upper body must be covered by tight fitting rashguard/compression shirt. Tank tops, t-shirts and other loose fitting shirts are not allowed.

Ways to Win

· Submission

· Referee Stoppage (medical or rule infringement)

Time Limit

· A match consists of One 5 minute round for all levels

The number of matches in a day that an athlete will have is determined by the number of competitors in the entire division and how that breaks down into pools. It is our goal to get an athlete as many matches as possible.

Divisions (adults 17 and over)


· Class A: up to 150

· Class B: 150+

o Beginner: Under 18 months of training

o Advanced: Over 18 months training


· Bantamweight 135

· Featherweight 145

· Lightweight 155

· Welterweight 170

· Middleweight 185

· Lt Heavyweight 205

· Heavyweight 265

o Beginner: Under 18 months of training

o Advanced: Over 18 months training

Legal Techniques

· Any kind of choke is allowed, except for using the hand to close the wind pipe or type of neck crank.

· Any kind of arm lock is allowed: armbar, shoulder lock or wrist lock.

Illegal Techniques

§ No twisting leg locks (heel hooks or toe locks)

§ No neck cranks

§ No “full nelson” and “crucifix”

§ No twister body locks/spinal cranks

§ No striking of any kind

§ No deliberate slamming of an opponent

§ No spiking an opponent onto their head

§ No eye gouging or fish hooking

§ No grabbing the ears

§ No hair pulling

§ No finger or toe holds

§ No thumbing

§ No scratching or pinching

§ No kicking

§ No biting

§ No touching the groin area

§ No knees or elbows on the face

§ No slippery substances allowed on the body or clothing

§ No use of t-shirt in the applying of a submission

§ No passivity or fleeing the mat: deliberately or repeatedly moving outside the designated mat area, stalling or refusing to engage with opponent. Committing 3 fouls in a match results in an automatic disqualification

Good sportsmanship is expected at all times: no spitting, swearing or disobeying of a referee’s verbal command.

The referee has FULL discretion to disqualify a competitor immediately after a serious, dangerous or deliberate foul.

Blood Stoppage

· Two minutes will be allowed for a cut to stop bleeding. Referee can stop a match immediately if the injury is determined to be too serious.

· The referee can stop or restart a match at any time if he considers it necessary for safety reasons. The referee’s decision is final and non-negotiable.

T-Shirt Policy

It is preferred that athletes wear a rashguard. If, however, an athlete chooses to wear a shirt, it must be tight/snug fitting. Loose fitting t-shirts are a health hazard due to the potential of fingers and toes to get wrapped up in the excess material and will not be allowed.

Decision regarding a t-shirts degree of appropriate tightness will be made by the judge and/or a ring referee.

Attention Coaches:

Thank you for being the best part of the 2013 Gauntlet Submission Challenge in Spokane WA. We hope to provide a competitive and safe atmosphere for you and your athletes to compete. Please familiarize yourself with the following coaching rules:

All coaches, athletes and attendees are required to conduct themselves in a professional, courteous and sportsmanlike manner at all times. No negative comments or heckling allowed. The hosting Staff will perform their duty to remove negative influences without warning at any time.

All coaches and parents must remain outside of the grappling area of their athlete unless attending to an injury.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to seeing you at this event!

Team Competition – Team Points

Athletes will earn team points for their academy/team under the following system:

· 1 point for each submission earned (excluding submissions earned in tie-breaker rounds)

· 2 points per athlete earning a 2nd place finish in his or her division
3 points per athlete earning a 1st place win in his or her division

Team Champions are decided based on their athletes’ cumulative performance.

No Contest Policy

An athlete must compete in more than 50% of his/her matches for a per match average (PMA) to be calculated and count for placement in a division.

For example, if an athlete is in a pool of 5 competitors, is supposed to compete in 4 matches for the day wins his first two matches but gets injured to the point where he can’t compete, he is disqualified from placing. His day’s performance will be calculated as follows:

Match 1: 3 points

Match 2: 3 points

Match 3: NC

Match 4: NC

PMA: 6/2=3

However, athlete is disqualified for not competing in OVER 50% of his matches.

Same situation, but the athlete wins his first three matches, but is injured to the point where he can’t compete in match #4, his days performance will be calculated as follows:

Match 1: 3 points

Match 2: 3 points

Match 3: 3 points

Match 4: NC

PMA: 9/3=3

If an athlete chooses not to compete, that is not a NO-CONTEST (NC). That is a forfeit and is recorded as a zero (0). A NO-CONTEST (NC) is only recorded when an athlete is physically unable to continue competition


27 Competitors * 5 Brackets * 2 Referees

Participating Gyms:

Warrior Camp * Yakima MMA * Freedom Jiu Jitsu * Moscow Jiu Jitsu * SikJitsu * North Idaho Jiu Jitsu * BJJ Spokane
Team Awards: 1st Place: Warrior Camp, 2nd Place: SikJitsu, 3rd Place: Moscow Jiu Jitsu
Fastest Tap: Dan Hathaway, 17 seconds
Most Submissions: Josh Griest, 5 Submissions


Jon Adams, Jace Barley, Justen Billings, Jeff Degenhardt, Chandler Emery, Richard Foster, Alex Garza, Josh Gow, Josh Griest, Garrett Hall, Steven Hansen, Dan Hathaway, Jordan Hoelker, Gayle Hoyt, Johnny Lee, Jesse Manzo, Christopher Miller, Gabe Oronia, Elizabeth Phillips, Bob Ranjbaran, Hymie Robledo, Cole Schierman, Joel Thomas, Nic Tijerina, Jordan Mackin, Santana Echavarria, Julianna Pena

Warrior Camp

5027 E Trent Ave,

Spokane, WA 99212

Phone. 754-444-2243